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Our job is to help brands recognize and successfully implement the various customized media strategies that best suit with their existing and potential customer base. With strategic social media marketing, we want to makes sure your brand’s social media presence is up to date and resonates with what you believe in.

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Drive Outcomes with Social Media Marketing Services

A social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to accomplish on social media. It guides your actions and lets you know if you are succeeding or not. Every post, reply, like and comment must have a purpose.
The first step in creating a winning strategy is to set your goals and objectives.Be sure to align your social media goals with your overall marketing strategy.The increase in your social media traffic occurs when you engage and build relationships on each network. Being available to customers, brand loyalists, and potential buyers helps you nurture these people through the buying process. Every social network is different, but to get an immediate boost in your social traffic, there are some firm rules to follow for all your social channels. Remember that your content says everything about your brand, so make sure that your blog posts, case studies or infographics go further to make the aspect of sharing on social networks greater.


Revenue Driven Social Media Marketing Services


Social media marketing works in a very uncontrolled environment. Due to its ever changing nature, it is difficult for everyone in this field to predict and analyse the market to create strategies accordingly without causing any major setbacks. But how to generate income from existing customers through the social channel? Thats one of the most important questions that confuse marketers all over.


For many companies, connecting with their existing customers is a natural option for social media. These companies are seeing conversations about their brands, their competitors, and their industry that provide them with an opportunity to engage in dialogue with others.
The value of the customer base is substantial. We’ve all heard that it costs more to get a new customer than to keep existing ones. Therefore, it makes sense that we see more companies developing strategies to engage customers with the social channel. Social media represents a low-cost way to engage customers in two-way dialogue and develop deeper relationships. 

What do Creativeguns Social Media Services

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Original Social Networking Posts

Make new followers or engage present subscribers and followers with distinctive and on-brand posts made for your enterprise. Each month, your committed social networking procreates 15 to 75 posts (depending on your plan) to your social networking accounts. No article will go live with no group 's approval.

Custom images

Capture the attention of consumers around
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more with custom pictures for your social media articles. You’re committed social media pro, in communicating with our award-winning layout team compiles six to 14 images to maximize the impact of your social networking articles.

Cover and profile Picture Designing

Improve brand awareness, plus send favourable confidence
signals, using a custom cover pictures,creatives and profile
photo design. If your social media accounts feature a
professional, on-brand cover and profile pictures, your
committed social media pro will optimize these pictures for
social websites.

Social Networking network setup and optimization

Launch your social networking marketing plan with optimized societal media accounts. In case your organization’s new to social media, your committed social networking specialist will produce and establish a social media account for your company. Your organization will have complete ownership of the account.

Boosted post ad management

Do more with social media websites and platforms with as much as six boosted posts. Your social media specialist develops your customized ad campaign after audience research and discussions with your team on your business’s goals. For an aggressive ad strategy, try our social media advertising services.

Data-driven social strategy

Receive a custom, data-driven plan for your social media marketing effort. With innovative advertising technology, which includes artificial intelligence and machine learning software, your committed social media specialist can create a strategy that achieves your goals.

Daily social media Observation

Trust your social networking strategy to do with daily tracking by your committed social networking specialist. Daily, your interpersonal media specialist will assess your social media accounts, monitoring the performance and interactions with the articles that they produced for your business.

Transparent monthly reports

Get a monthly report on the performance of your social media approach with Creativeguns too. In your own monthly consultation, your committed social media specialist will review this report with you and make it available for your staff to access afterwards. All our reports are 100% transparent.

Optional social media services

Control additional social media tools, with an active social media policy, such as competitions. For example, businesses that target up to two social media sites can host up to one contest each year by organizations participating in five social media networks.

In-depth competitor analysis

Get creative & competitive insight into the online operation of your opponents using detailed competitor analysis conducted by your dedicated social media specialist. With our study, we could spot competition flaws and opportunities for your business, helping you launch the very best possible campaign for your business.

Dedicated social Networking account manager

Utilize a dedicated social networking account supervisor on your plan when you associate with Creativeguns. With their experience, as well as specializations, they could help your company make the most of its advertising and marketing strategy on different social media networks.

Monthly consultations

Meet with your committed social media specialist every month to go over the performance of your campaign. During your meet-up, your social networking account manager will even talk about potential optimizations or developments to your campaign to maximize the return of your plan.

Advanced Marketing technology

Receive access to some of the industry’s most innovative marketing software. Together with our personal marketing tool , which features machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, your social networking specialist can create a data-driven campaign, based on industry-specific data.

Social Media Design

CreativeGuns provides social media graphic design services that are aimed at enhancing your business presence on social media. We deliver customized designs to fit your business so that your company pages can really evoke a feeling of quality and stand out against the competition.


Try Our Analysed Process

Research & Analysis

Creative Guns makes sure that we research thoroughly before we start ideating any of our strategies. It helps our team to get a deep understanding of the market at that moment and helps us to go about whatever that is trendy in the market.

Roadmap planning

Our research then helps us to mold and come up with a customized set of ideas which we then share with our clients so that we can get their opinion and try to come up with the perfect game plan to make sure that brand is successful in the near future. This helps us to finalize on one plan which will be followed in the future.

Execute & Monitor

The final step that everyone has been waiting for is the execution. Once the strategy is finalized, it is time to put it to the test and see whether it works in the real world. Usually, our team is known for an exceptional growth rate immediately after but we still monitor the services regularly 

Where can I market my business on social media?


With our social media services, your business can launch a
campaign on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

We focus on these five social media platforms due to their popularity among consumers now. While many other social media platforms can be found, like Snapchat, TikTok and Quora, we find Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn offers our customers the best value. Our seasoned social media pros, however, research your business, the audience, and aims to determine the best platforms on your own strategy.

Regardless of your business and market, we tailor our recommendations for you.

Our process: How do CreativeGuns social media management services work?

If you’re wondering what it’s like to work with an award-winning social media management service like CreativeGuns, this the segment provides a sneak peek at our client experience.

Our social media management process has four steps:

  • Meet your Social Networking account manager
  • Get an in-depth analysis of your Social Networking
  • Get a custom, data-driven strategy
  • View actual, concrete results

Here’s what you can expect during every step of the social media management procedure.


When you invest in social media services from Creativeguns, you get a dedicated social media account manager. This social networking pro manages and manages every aspect of your social networking campaign, from the content of your posts to the design of your own images. They also lead your social media strategy, researching your company’s online reputation, rivalry, and previous social media performance. Their hands-on strategy is why our custom plans have generated more than $1 million in revenue for customers in the past five decades. Our dedicated account managers go beyond learning your company and competitors, though. Unlike account managers at other agencies, they know your name, communication preferences, and more. This approach makes a tremendous difference in your experience as a client. You truly feel as though you can contact your social networking pro with questions. Additionally, you are familiar asking questions about your plan, no matter how advanced or basic they may seem


Once your dedicated social media account manager meets with your team, whether or not via a telephone call, they take the next step in starting your social media campaign. They conduct a massive amount of research in this phase, looking at the competition, background, and more. This research serves as a very helpful reference for your social media pro. It provides them with valuable information about what your company's strategy will need to do in order to succeed. Plus, it reveals some distinctive hurdles or opportunities. Your dedicated social networking account manager shares each of their findings with your staff. By way of example, they may highlight the operation of a competitor's social media strategy. All this information provides your accounts manager and company with a foundation for a plan.


Next, your committed social networking account manager starts developing your custom made social networking marketing plan. They use their study, and your team’s opinions, to create a brief – and long term plan that aligns with your objectives. Your social networking pro also references industry-specific information on previous social networking campaigns. Additionally, it provides your company with an unparalleled edge in regards to advertising on social networking. That is because many other social media marketing agencies don’t have a marketing platform. They also don’t have the decades of information which Creativeguns does, because our background extends back over 10 decades. For many companies, this simple fact makes our social networking services second-to-none in outcomes. Together with your plan developed, your interpersonal networking pro introduces it to your group. You are invited to give comments and ask questions. With your strategy developed, your social media manager presents it to your team. You’re encouraged to provide feedback and ask questions. As an extension of your marketing team, we want to ensure everyone understands your campaign and the decisions behind it.


As soon as your team approves your plan, your social networking pro can begin creating your monthly deliverables, such as your custom articles, pictures, and advertisements. Each month, your staff will have to examine and accept these deliverables, which can be fast and easy using our toolkit. After your plan's launching, your social networking account manager can track the operation of your articles, advertisements, and much more. At the initial and after months of your interpersonal networking campaign, your company must see noticeable changes on your own day-to-day. You will see more orders outcome from societal networking, by way of instance, or more opinions or queries on your social networking pages about your business, products, or events. That is our aim in Creativeguns.

Why partner with a social media marketing agency?

If you’re researching social networking marketing solutions, as well as bureaus, you have lots of compelling reasons to associate with a social networking management firm. They supply your company and team with dozens of advantages, which may make or break your effort.


  • Get industry-leading expertise
  • Maximize in-house resources
  • Access advanced marketing applications
  • Improve time management
  • Boost social networking advertising ROI


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