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 If you want to start earning and diverting more qualified search traffic to your website, then our search engine optimization services can help you with it. Creative Guns can help you increase your traction with an SEO campaign which is personally customized to ensure your brand succeeds.

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SEO Services that Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue

The very first step in achieving a competitive advantage would be to identify your competition and understand their strengths and weaknesses through ongoing analysis. CreativeGuns monitors rival websites as part of your strategy. This will ensure that your company is not missing out on any valuable plans that would benefit it considerably. Other than that, getting a handle on key word research and being up to date on any on and off page SEO is what helps our services drive up your traffic and increase revenue.  We also implement efforts in a way that’s least susceptible to rank fluctuations. Our SEO digital marketing agency intends to develop a base for Search Engine Optimization so that your brand can create a consistent and cost-efficient flow of qualified traffic to your website.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Landing pages are a very important element of marketing strategies. A good landing page converts your visitors into your audience base all while keeping them engaged. Landing page optimization refers to the process of improving each element on your landing page to convert your potentials into your loyal customer base. Instead of redesigning the entire page, you use data and anecdotal evidence to cope with the ever-changing nature of this industry. Surveying your audience will help you better understand what they expect and like hence collecting information before your landing page ever goes live. Is very essential before the page goes up. Th perfect way to optimize your landing page conversion rates is by calculating the traction and monitoring it closely to understand whats working and what isnt for your business. .


Latest SEO trends to keep You on top of everyone’s search list.


SEO, also known as Search engine optimization, is one of the most important services among digital marketing agencies. Good SEO management leads to more traffic and traction to your website and brand leading up to its overall success. The biggest challenge that is faced while performing SEO services includes generating and managing online reviews and content as it is highly dependent on your target group as well as the ever changing nature of this industry. The question here arises that how do we get past this minor set back and make sure your brand gets the best services possible?


Creative Guns comprises of a huge team of industry experts who are pioneers in their field of expertise. They have worked in this industry for years and have been able to come up with an intricate yet user friendly approach to get past this problem. Regular website redesign and development, optimizing the business page and setting up marketing analytics to be aware of any sudden changes in regard to your brands’ online presence is what makes us special. This helps us to take a control over every little set back and get back on track while avoiding any major complications towards your business’s growth.

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Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

By selecting the ideal keywords to ranking your company at the top to creating call-to-actions that will convert prospects, Creative guns functions with companies like yours to develop effective SEO strategies on a daily basis. This inclusive approach helps to ensure that you get the very best work possible and ensures that you capture the maximum amount of targeted traffic potential.
As a premier SEO agency, we strive to give you the personalized attention you want. See the difference we have created with both nationwide and global brands.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

monthly keyword, traffic, and transaction reporting

Only when the brands’ monthly keyword and traffic are controlled and monitored on a regular basis can we truly understand the growth of a brand. Transaction reporting helps us to understand whether the resources being put in are offering optimum results or a different approach is required.


Our SEO agency specialists will correct all technical aspects regarding your site to be compliant with all major search engines. CreativeGuns will list issues which need to be addressed, such as duplicate articles, crawl mistakes, and much more.


This pertains to marketing techniques that occur out of your website and is a part of the SEO digital advertising strategy as a whole. The most well-known off-page search engine optimization method is building connections through new partnerships. Additionally, we also monitor the operation of the webpage concerning keywords.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is all about creation of useful, unique and valuable content that targets specific keywords that add traction to your brand and is in accordance to what your target audience likes as they promote it on their social media platforms. This increases the relevance of your content and improves its ranking in Google helping your brand to be known.


CreativeGuns will conduct keyword research based on your needs as a business including  the core keyword selected for each page, the set of key words which will appear in the majority of the description and inside the content etc.


Our search engine optimization agency specialists will advise which pages of your site need to be upgraded. Once done, we’ll re-evaluate your on-page SEO every month and then solve any problems found within audits so that your optimization is always up to date with Google’s latest algorithm changes.


Content creation is the most important part of the job. Generating topic ideas that appeal to your client, creating written or visual content around the brands image, and making that information accessible to the audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format while making sure its engaging enough for them to scroll down is the key.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console setup

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. Why is google analytics so important? It is because it helps y our brandto stay on top of the search bringing in more traction and increasing your customer base

How Seo improves online visibility

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the process of improving the position of your website, hence your brand, by making it appear higher in the “organic” search results returned by sites such as Google. As a general rule, sites that appear higher up in the results will get more traffic to their pages, and so more business. Hence proper SEO management and strategy is the best way to increase the visibility of your brand online.

Does SEO really work?

SEO is not science or math where you have a definitive answer for everything. … SEO only works when you use the latest and the best practices and strategies which are available in the market including the existing traction online. When you perform SEO services, Google and other search engines will increase your website’s ranking, leading to an increase in traffic and, in turn, greater tractions and public eye. But when you do SEO incorrectly, it might also lead to failure.

Why do SEO with a Website Redesign?

Excluding SEO from a website redesign can cause a loss of both traffic and sales as the latest trends aren’t analyzed and the keywords aren’t up to mark. Including SEO in a website redesign will result in traffic and sales increases including more tration to the website and increase in potential clientele. It also helps future customers find you through Google, Bing, and other search engines since SEO optimizes your site for people as well.

Can Seo make you money?

The reason behind working up a strategy especially for SEO management is to increase audience traction for your brand. You can’t make money online without an audience, and search engine optimization does for you and your website. That’s why the first step in making money is building an audience base who regularly visit your website. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

Whats included in SEO Services?

A good SEO company like Creative Guns should typically include elements like Website structure analysis, Website content analysis, including conversion rate analysis, Off-page online analysis, Optimization of website code and structure, Optimization of onsite content etc. These SEO services are basic and are a must have.

SEO audits:

Our SEO agency specialists will correct all technical aspects regarding your site to be compliant with all major search engines. Audits are installed via internal programs and by manually browsing through the website. CreativeGuns will list issues that need to be addressed, such as duplicate articles, crawl mistakes, and much more. As part of the Search Engine Optimization package, we ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and accessible on all formats of desktops, laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones. We enhance website loading rate by cleaning any JavaScript and CSS problems. Additionally, CreativeGuns will discover any prospective traffic which have broken links or — which negatively impact your performance on search engines.


The on-page factors affecting your SEO:-

On-page SEO refers to factors on your own website that you can optimize such as content which helps your customers to stay engaged with the content and further scroll down and share.

The off-page factors affecting your SEO:-

ff-page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your site to affect your site’s trustworthiness and authority by building the right inbound links and social signals to make your audience feel secure and safe.

The server files affecting your SEO:-

If the server files on your website have poor configurations then this might lead to poor user experience and an upset or disappointed customer. Better customized server files helps the user feel safe and interested.

Why do ecommerce businesses need SEO?

It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, you need SEO to maximize your e-commerce website’s profitability.  Ignoring SEO means you’re taking the risk of not being visible to your potential customers. When you aren’t visible, fewer customers know about you, you sell less, and eventually, growth slows down. At the same time, your competitors will increase sales and profits making their foundation stronger. Even if your potential for growth is tremendous, too often they don’t understand that they could expand sales and revenue massively by improving further except for just being satisfied with their current rankings. There is always scope for improvement.
Some reasons to keep in mind to remember why SEO is important are


  • It helps your potential customers as well as your existing customers to find you online.
  • It is A Cost-Effective Way To Grow Your Bottom Line
  • It has more long-lasting effects on the overall growth making it the perfect investment.

Your potential customers are ready to spend their savings on your brand — but without SEO, they may never even know your brand exists. Our e-commerce SEO services make sure your business is visible so that you can maximize your profits by gaining more traction.


SEO helps you to optimize your product line with the help of on page optimization as well as customized key word research in accordance to your target groups to make the final impact more impressive and long lasting.


Main job of every SEO service is to increase the traction on your website for potential customers as well existing audience with the help of proper optimization. This helps improve your online visibility leading to more traffic and higher profits.


SEO management does not require any major software or technology which might cost you extra.It is all about correct implementation and expertise which comes with experience just like SEO managers. Hence it is a cost effective approach


SEO is another easy way to get the maximum returns with minimum investment. SEO is famous for providing the brand with long term revenue once the tone of the brand is set online.


There is alot of competition amongst e-commerce industry experts. The best way to stand out amongst such fierce competition is by focusing on online SEO and making sure it attracts more traction from potential customers.

7 local SEO services for earning top search rankings

Local SEO services can ensure that your local customers find you easily, and that you’re always on top of their mind. Without local SEO services, your business could miss out on some of the most important online traffic which might lead to reduced sales. Local search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategy that is customized for local businesses looking to increase their visibility in search engines and reach more customers in their locality. Similar to traditional SEO, local SEO services focus on boosting your business listings in online search results so that your neighbors are your major customer base. When potential customers search businesses like yours in their area, you want to appear at the top of results.



Perfect for local search, Google My Business listings contain key information about businesses and they definitely appear on top listings when people search companies near them. 


In addition to Google My Business listing, you’ll also want to build local citations. These citations contain information like your brand’s name, address, phone number, and website, everything that a potential customer might want to know to reach out.


To rank at the top of local search results, you’ll also need to target local keywords on your website and in your site content which are targeted to only your locality or neighbourhood.


For local businesses, it’s important to monitor and respond to online reviews on a regular basis whether they are negative or positive. Ratings and reviews can appear on your website, as well as sites like Google My Business.


Earning backlinks from other famous local businesses can also help to boost your local search rankings. Creating valuable content that targets local keywords related to your business and making sure other sites like what they see is the key to earn backlinks.


It’s also important to provide a great user experience on your site if you want to attract more local traffic. This will help spread your brands’ name through word of mouth.


The final local SEO service you’ll want to invest in is making your site mobile responsive. Most online searches occur from mobile devices. It helps customers to know more on the go.

Proven Results

Creative Guns is famous for getting results which can be statistically measured except for just giving you verbal hoaxes about our expertise and skill. With a look at the stats below, you will get a better understanding on how effectively our team was able to get the results which we had promised to our clientele without any delays or excuses while maintaining full transparency with our clients.


Try Our Analysed Process

Research & Analysis

Creative Guns makes sure that we research thoroughly before we start ideating any of our strategies. It helps our team to get a deep understanding of the market at that moment and helps us to go about with whatever that is trendy in the market.

Content & Keywords

Content is key when it comes to digital marketing services. Our copy team makes sure that all our content is in accordance to the SEO standards which are generally approved in the industry and have an excellent hold over keyword research and proper implementation.

Roadmap planning

Our research then helps us to mold and come up with a customized set of ideas which we then share with our clients so that we can get their opinion and try to come up with the perfect game plan to make sure that brand is successful in the near future. This helps us to finalize on one plan which will be followed in the future


A test run is important for every strategy before the final implementation so that the team is able to test the prototype’s functional abilities while making any changes that might help improve our final service and the end result for your brand.


Once our plan is set and our team as well as the client has been briefed, our next step is to optimize every service that we provide in accordance to what works best for the brand and how it can steer clear off any hurdles that it might face in the future.

Execute & Monitor

The final step that everyone has been waiting for is the execution. Once the strategy is finalized, it is time to put it to the test and see whether it works in the real world. Usually our team is known for an exceptional growth rate immediately after but we still monitor the services regularly to work on anything that could be improved with time.

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