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Just as often as we breathe, that’s exactly how often we involve ourselves in influencer marketing on a daily basis. It helps you get your brands message out there to a larger market of audience.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is certainly not a new idea (celebrities being on TV ads helping sell a product), but in modern times it is done a little differently. Influencer advertising is any method which employs the influence and mass attraction of prominent people to promote or market a product, service, site, or manufacturer.
Most influencers will be found on social websites sites or through sites and for a huge proportion of the populace when they hear the expression influencer advertising, they immediately consider Instagram stars with 1 million+ followers.

What’s Influencer Management?

Influencer advertising is getting to be a much larger market inside the mainstream, and because of this, a new function for publishers emerges, and that is Influencer Management. The functions involve defining and maintaining connections with leading bloggers and influencers online, and one of a long list of other functions, developing international advertising strategies for influencers. This will give you easy access to influencer advertising as a firm with a new market.

Why Use Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing was demonstrated to be a very effective advertising strategy if used appropriately. Whether it be for the sale of a particular solution, brand exposure of visitors to a website choosing the correct influencer for your brand or business is critically important. At CreativeGuns, we’re experts in influencer marketing and join brands with the world’s top social networking influencers and actors. If brand visibility is your number one priority, and you want to obtain exposure to a brand, then partnering with a high-reaching influencer to a compensated basis might be rather fitting. We produce strategic advertising and marketing campaigns with an influencer that immediately inject your brand into your prospective customers’ path. Our team creates mutually beneficial relationships with industry leaders and rising stars, creative thinking leaders, inner topic experts and potential brand champions, from recognition to nurturing and hiring.

The 3 R’s Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a very tough and competitive part of digital marketing. Before you finalize on a particular strategy to go about it, there are the 3 R’s you need to keep in mind,


The influencer that you are targeting to take forward your brands influencer marketing service must have a good reach and likability among its followers. If not, then using this technique would be wasteful as the influencer has no impression over its followers and they would not be influenced to check out your brand. If that does not happen, then the traffic on your website remains the same which leads to no increase in profits.


Would getting help from a beauty guru or influencer to sell a software brand be relevant?. Just like that there has to some sort of connection or relevance between the influencer and the brand that they are promoting. Only then will both, the brand as well as the influencer, have similar target groups which would lead to an increase in traction on your website.


Would getting help from a beauty guru or influencer to sell a software brand be relevant?. Just like that there has to some sort of connection or relevance between the influencer and the brand that they are promoting. Only then will both, the brand as well as the influencer, have similar target groups which would lead to an increase in traction on your website.

Types Of Influencers

The significant kinds of indicate influencers include micro-influencers, influencers of celebrities, influencers of forums, influencer of social networking, and pioneer of key opinion. Our influencer marketing approach looks at every form of influencer and suggests a strategy customized to your own brand, fits with your budget and provides accurate, quantifiable results.


A micro-influencer has an online presence with 1,000 to 100,000 followers. They focus on a specific area of expertise and are generally regarded as an industry expert or specialist.


Helping brands to increase brand awareness and sell their services to a wider market, celebrity influencers use their fan following over social media to promote ideas and brands in which they believe in.

Blog Influencer

Blog influencers are those influencers who have a social media fan following in accordance to their detailed writings which speaks to their followers. They inspire them to do more.

Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer has an online presence over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. where they have a huge audience to engage with on a regular basis.

The Advocates

They are driven by the depth of conviction and have deeper knowledge of the brand and its message as compared to any other influencer. They are actual customer advocates.

The Loyalists

Loyalists are those who swear by the product or brand in real life and have been a loyal part of the brand for quite a few years now and have no interest in switching.

Key Influencer Campaign Questions


What Are You Trying To Achieve?

The top three influencer advertising targets for businesses comprise increasing brand awareness, reaching new markets, and producing revenue and conversions. Marketers need both the ability to access a proprietary, search-engine that automatically identifies relevant influencers dependent on the intended market, desirable performance and cost parameters to save some time and vital resources and the ability to use it efficiently. Almost every type of influencer will often be included as necessary in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Which Type Of Consumer Are You Trying To Goal?

In the early days of influencer advertising, actress influencers and social networking celebrities were the only methods to access this kind of marketing. However, people soon realised the potential of an influencer to reach and influence your target clients’ audience. It was much more essential to communicate the brand message authentically than its extent independently. You need to take things a step further to locate the perfect impact and think about the sorts of forums, websites, and tweeters that your audience will be after.

Engagement Rate And How It Can Affect Your Choice?

Influencer marketing engagement levels are used to assess the degree of opinions that an influencer generally receives on its own content. To put it simply, it’s the proportion of the audience of the influencer that responds to its content. Some cases of’ Engagement’ on a post might be several remarks, shares, views or upgrades. Commitment rate is an important (if not the most crucial ) metric, as it can help determine which influencers you are able to associate with based on how their material performs across different platforms. 

Monitoring, Reporting And Assessing Success

Whether you are running a campaign for your own company or small business or working on behalf of a client, ensuring that you know how to measure success and exactly what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are is critical. Nonetheless, what is important to remember is that influencer advertising will undoubtedly earn a Return Of Investment (ROI) and performance could be calculated with the ideal metrics and information we could supply. You should be able to see ta marked improvement based on your goals set out on your campaign, whether it is sales, visits to your website and social networking accounts and the number of followers you have.

Our Influencer Approach

At CreativeGuns, we’ll take the knowledge obtained and find the best influencer or set of influencers within your budget after interacting with you and your customer. We approach the best-suited influencers with innovative ideas to rapidly and efficiently reach from the target market. More so we will help you build your Influencer Marketing Strategy, from beginning to finish, to allow you to take advantage of it. We'll help you create influencer relationships and keep things going ahead.

Getting Brands More Attention

One method to build up a brand image is by simply finding an enthusiastic influencer on your brand or the kind of product you’re selling, giving them a free copy of it in exchange for grassroots promotion. A skateboarding brand, by way of example, that wishes to promote their brand new skateboards, is providing one of their new boards into Youtube skateboard fans who then use those in a video. With their fans and followers, this will possibly profit your notoriety. We construct every effort from scratch and guarantee that it will be 100 percent customized into the brand, destination organization where we function. Using the best-in-class technology, we proceed beyond vanity metrics, fake blacklist engagement, and network cheating influencers. We launch a strong dialogue, driving societal engagement, creating your brand, attaining sales goals, or anything goals you have, wherever you are. In CreativeGuns, our well-trained and expert-led staff is here to assist you to assist with planning, casting, implementation, and reporting at each point of your influencer marketing timeline.


Revenue Driven Influencer Marketing Services


Influencer marketing sounds very easy and fancy. It sounds like a holy grail solution for everything as everyone believes in everything that influencers do or promote. The real question that arises here is whether that is true or not? An influencer is like a celebrity with a huge online presence but what makes them different from others and how does the audience believe in what they sell is where the really tricky part comes in play.


Anyone can be an influencer but what separates the real ones from the fake ones is the power they have over their audience. It is the way that they connect and reach out to their audience which makes their customer base feel included and wanted. This is what makes them who they are. Creative Guns focuses on looking into the 3 R’s before finalizing on an influencer marketing strategy. If we don’t do that, then the entire campaign might fail as the whole purpose behind the expenditure will go in trash leading to huge losses and no new traffic on your brand’s website. Being diligent and smart about choosing the right influencer is the key.


Annual Savings


Return Users


Sales Increase


Traffic Boost


 Our Influencer Marketing Services


1 thing to remember is that no matter on which stage you want to set up your campaign, since the count of influencers followers increases, so does their price, but it also depends on what kind of influencer they are. Travel influencers tend to be the most costly influencers, then just one focused on culture, followed by influencers of home and way of life. It’s crucial to participate with your influencers too. Losing the influencers might be harmful for the reputation of your brand. It’s vital to maintain the relationship between the influencer and the company.


While Instagram is the second biggest website on social media (Facebook is No. 1), the participation rate is nearly double the quantity of interaction per post per 1000 followers in comparison to Facebook (29.67 for Instagram, 16.54 for Facebook).

Influencer Marketing on Instagram has grown over the past few years and from 2021 is estimated to rise to a 4-8 billion
business. The amount of potential publicity that may be obtained from Instagram is immense.

Choosing an influencer on Instagram ought to be easy considering the number of influencers to pick from as every aspect of life is covered, and Instagram influencers tend to have a more ardent following making this a much more powerful option.


Like all the social networking platforms, the first step on your campaign journey ought to be to locate a relevant influencer.
You can do so by searching for associated hashtags and tracking the influencer profiles you see. You will look for things such as the number of followers, the number of societal shares they get and whether their followers worth them and what type of mentions they get.

After you’re delighted to proceed to another stage, begin liking and comment on their articles to show them your appreciation
and then direct the message. 1 big thing to not overlook is influencers who enjoy posts that you put out on the Twittersphere. those you don’t want to lose since they’e your hot leads. To give an extra advantage,   got the tools to catch those influencers. Asking your influencers questions will help keep them interested and make them feel important.


Influencer Marketing on Facebook works much enjoy all the other social networking platforms except the primary place for content exposure; the News Feed will tend to frequently steer viewership away from brands and point content. This pushes the demand for influencer advertising and with the increased feature allows you to market their branded posts much higher onto the user’s information feeds, thereby affording you greater exposure. Creating a set page is also an excellent way to promote your brand since you’re able to engage with customers and gain opinions and also make some sales.


Pinterest's range is much less as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram likes, but referral traffic out of social media juggernauts are increasing while Pinterest is continuously climbing. Lately, Pinterest has begun sharing API data with influencer advertising businesses, which makes it much easier to monitor and appreciate collaboration efforts among influencers. Recent research has shown users are more inclined to purchase the product and spend more than other users on Pinterest.


The main obstacle facing brands is getting a response back while attempting to reach out to bloggers. The more popular the blogger is, the more difficult it’s to get their attention. Influencer marketing still costs more than it had been a couple of years back. Most firms forget blogging is an enterprise. Without any regard for their art, they contact influencers. We market their goods straight away and ask for favors. We assume that if we provide their product out for free, the blogger will want to work together. Contacting extremely popular or extremely “green” bloggers is just another common mistake that brands create. We frequently reject the blogger’s audience for review to make sure it fits the consumer profile of the business.


Not everybody is a blogger, and that is the place vlogging fits in. Vlogging stands for video blogging and is another way in which individuals share their life, perceptions, and many different facets. The time people spend watching vlogs and movies on YouTube is much more than other popular video websites (Facebook is 17 seconds, Instagram Stories is 11 seconds, while YouTube is 5 minutes long and about average a mobile YouTube session lasts 40 minutes, meaning that your brand’s potential exposure is significantly greater than or Instagram& Industries are always demanding from their influencers, so YouTube is going to be the station to look out for in the years to come.

Statistics For Influencer Marketing

80 percent of entrepreneurs say that influencer advertising is successful, and 89 percent state that marketing works equally well (if not better) than other channels.

Forty-eight percent of marketers working with influencers asserts that the relationship between viewers is the most
a crucial element when considering that influencer to operate with.

80per cent of entrepreneurs say that influencer advertising is successful, and 89 percent state that marketing works equally well (if not better) than other channels.

In the last 3 years, Google searches for  influencer
advertising has risen to 1500 percent.

Today 49 percent of customers rely on influencer opinions for their purchasing decisions. Sixty percent state that if shopping in-store, they had been influenced by a proposal.

The best three influencer advertising targets for
companies comprise growing brand recognition (85%),
reaching new markets (71%), and producing earnings and
conversions (64%).

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