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Responsible marketing During Covid-19

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Our team here at Creative Guns extends its heartfelt wishes and thoughts to all those negatively affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Times are certainly difficult. If you are responsible for marketing in your company and are wondering how to proceed during these uncertain times, read on.

Here are some ideas for you in general for things that every company should incorporate: ·

1. First of all, be helpful. What does your audience need right now? It may have nothing to do with your products or services. Help them. That is the basic principle of marketing, and it is more important that you execute according to this principle now than ever. ·

2. Treat your existing clients as absolute GOLD. It’s always important to promote new leads, but take a step back and realize how amazing your current customer pool is. What else can you do for them to help them weather the storm during the global emergency? Customer-centric, customer-centric, customer-obsessed focus: all fantastic practices at any time, and especially now. Let them know how you can help them increase income or reduce expenses right now. Immediately. ·

3. Consider moving more of your offering into a digital structure. Launch a new website with a digital-only business model. ·

4. Finally, if your industry has simply been decimated, brainstorm how you can pivot part of your business to an area that needs it right now. Take advantage of the intellectual capacity of your employees. If you want to launch a product, replace it. Make it free, or at least offer it free to anyone who is suffering.

5. If you’re not sure what to do next, ask those on your front line. They are likely to have creative ideas that will blow your mind as they are closer to the customer.

6. Focus on relationships. How can you strengthen your relationship with those in your network? How can you help them? Similarly, how can you interact with everyone in your database? What emails would you appreciate now? ·

7. Along these lines, use accounts that you may have lost in the past. If you didn’t win an offer a year ago, follow up, see how they are, ask how you can help in any way, and carefully explore if your solution is better now. ·

8. Monitor and respond quickly to changes in news and customer behavior. Increase the frequency of internal marketing discussions to see how you may need to change any of your messages from week to week. ·

9. Check all your messages. Make sure it is sensitive to the difficulties that many of your audience may face. Don’t be deaf. Now is not the time to push hard for sales. ·

10. Reuse content. See what you have in your arsenal, cut and dice or repackage it into different formats that people would find useful in this WFH environment. ·

11. Do more with less. Get creative and cut your marketing expenses while trying to achieve the same reach. For example, conversational marketing company Drift is working on publishing a new Drift Insider course, using content from a February event. · Share personal stories. Your audience could use the human connection. ·

12. Redeploy marketing dollars. Don’t pay for advertising, for example. Get down and offer incredible value for driving organic traffic, which will help you drive traffic not only today. Even after the crisis is behind us. Do you normally rely on live events for marketing? Consider moving it online or hosting a series of virtual roadshows.

13. Use video. Now it’s easier than ever to produce videos even just by using your phone. Post videos online, even if you have never done so before. Also, it is effective. We found that videos on LinkedIn generate triple the engagement of regular posts.

14. Look for new opportunities. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, how can you find a positive side? Keep your budget as small as possible and be creative. Brainstorm marketing with your team and step down to a massive new initiative that you can focus on to move the needle and potentially transform your marketing.

Even though we understand that these tough times are nothing but hard on each and every one of us. We are eager to help you through this crisis but there are only some limited things that we can do. Stay Safe!

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