Case Study

Email Marketing

Case 1

Project Summary

At the Digital Marketing Institute, email marketing is integral to communicating and engaging effectively
with our audience.
Email marketing is applied in a variety of formats:
• Weekly/Monthly Newsletters
• Trigger Mails
• Webinar notifications
• Promotional campaigns
• Re-engaging older, inactive prospects.

The Strategy::

The client had many leads generated via many sources, but half of the leads were not interested at that
moment because they were not ready to convert. Thus, a significant number of leads were
going to waste. With this in mind, we decided to launch a re-engagement campaign designed to
reactivate these prospects and re-ignite their interest in our offering.



In order to successfully re-engage these prospects, our content had to be relevant and meaningful to the
target audience. We created a special offer – a free short course for all the purchases made by the end
of the month. We developed an email demarcation of this offer. When they clicked on a button CTA, this
action brought users to a separate campaign page, which provided them with more details. This page
consisted of a short contact form. Once completed, this alerts our training consultants that a prospect
was interested and had been reactivated.

Delivery Management


Mailchimp was used to deliver this email communications to the target audience. The emails were
scheduled to be delivered at 11 AM, and tailored to the time zone and geographic location of the user.
This campaign delivered:
• A 38% Open Rate
• A 3.5% Click-Through Rate (well above industry averages)
• 85 re-activated leads (which in turn resulted in additional revenue for the organization) 

Open Rate




Reactivated Leads

Case 2

Profile Summary

Craftbuck increased email open rate from 20% to 29% by resending emails
We keep seeing huge growth in many aspects of email marketing. One study by Email Marketing Gold revealed that the ROI for every $1 invested in email marketing can be up to $40 – far more than other channels.

Project Strategy

The company used to struggle to improve its email open rates. Its normal open rate hovered around the industry average and open rates hovered somewhere between 10 – 20% for e-commerce, publishing, and media.

Craftbuck wanted more! So how did Craftbuck increase its open rates from 20% to 29%? Interestingly, we used a simple technique that most email marketers tend to undermine: “Behavioral segmentation.” Behavioral segmentation is all about grouping your email subscribers distinctly and creating relevant and high-value email messages for them. To implement behavioral segmentation, we first collected user behavior data, such as which types of content a select group prefers, when they usually open their emails, whether or not they respond to such emails, and what they like. We choose subscribers who ignored the emails and resent the same with an improved headline:

First step: We crafted an email to their subscribers about using symbols in the email content. The subject line read “Make your emails stand out with symbols.”

Second step: This email performed fairly well, producing an open rate of 20.5%.

We wanted to see if they could improve faster. So we used their latest feature of behavioral segmentation to map out their email list. A week later, they selected all those who hadn’t responded to the first email and tweaked the subject line to be more compelling – “send emails with awesome symbols in the subject.”

Proven Results

  • The content of the email remained the same and the email was resent to those who ignored the first one.
    About 8.6% of those who didn’t open the first one responded. Altogether, the same email newsletter
    generated a 29.1% open rate, just by implementing this simple strategy.

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