Case Study

Content Marketing

Case 1

Project Summary

The client had a strong brand presence and the ROI was good but there was still scope of improvement which was very clear for our team. They had amazing content but it was scattered across various platforms making it less profitable. It seemed difficult to maintain various platforms across multiple CMS systems.

This made tracking the customer journey difficult.

The Solution:

The programs, originally focused on offering treatment guides for specific diseases and conditions, were reimagined into multi-step nurture programs.

Creative guns’ tracking code was implemented across multiple digital properties, allowing the team to effectively measure the engagement and the success of various content types across multiple platforms.  A custom integration, built with the client’s data warehouse, offered a unified approach to data management, ROI measurement, and the ability to provide additional feedback to marketing managers for their campaigns.



We began the process with website analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, content enhancement, and backlinking and SEO audit.

During the site analysis stage, we identified the website ranking for the targeted keywords. To improve the search rankings, we conducted keyword research and came up with new keywords for the different types of cooling towers using Google keyword planner and analytics tools. The new keywords were promptly used in web pages to enhance the page rankings. As site speed played a major role in page ranking, we optimized the website responsiveness to increase the website speed.

We removed the web page redirects, unused links and optimized the landing page. To improve the website visitors, we created a keyword-based title, description, HI tags, canonical tags, and image tags. In order to increase the local search traffic, we created the Google business page with precise contact address, phone number, business timings, customer reviews and email.

Link building plays an important role in improving the web page ranking; we created quality backlinks through Social bookmarking, classified submission, article submission, forum posting and blog commenting.

Proven Results


In the three quarters following the pilot, over 160 campaigns and newsletters were implemented by Creative Guns.

The governance team had begun exploring the use of our services in advertising, event management, social media marketing, and other organizational efforts. Since then, ROI is effectively measured on all patient acquisition campaigns and exceeds 1000% for some programs. There has also been an estimated reduction in the lead-to-patient conversion time by 15-30 days. 



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Case 2

Profile Summary

Timescale-12 months


A yoga studio offering daily yoga classes, workshops, and community events.


The business has been running for the past 6 years and has a great reputation within their niche. They have started taking content marketing seriously over the last 12 months and are new to the blogging space. 

Project Summary

Creative Guns has acted as an advisory and consulting expert for the business for the past several years, assisting them with a website restructure, the launch of their blog and email marketing setup and management. The customer signed up for a 3-month content marketing package with us and has renewed as a result of a tremendous hike in customer engagement and traffic.

Proven Results

  • increase in web sessions (57.58%), users (43.44%) and pageviews (68.62%) during Jun-Aug 2016, compared to the same period the previous year, when we were not carrying out content marketing for them.
  • This demonstrates that the ongoing content marketing has already resulted in a significant increase in web traffic, thereby increasing their exposure and credibility within their industry.
  • A  marked increase in website sessions in accordance to the email campaigns we have sent out- on the 1st of each month. Their last 5 months of email newsletters have resulted in an average open rate of 44.9% and an average click through rate of 14.3%, which are both very high.


  • Their mailing list has grown by 125% over a 4-year period, from 615 subscribers in Sep 2012 to 1,389 in Aug 2016. The drop in Sep 2016 was due to carrying out essential list maintenance to improve the engagement, specifically open rates and click-through rates.



Web Sessions


Page Views


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