Nowadays, videos have gained a lot of popularity. Video marketing has become a strategy for the future that combines attractive videos in your marketing campaigns. With this fact, it is clear that there is a strong increase in video marketing. Through video marketing, you can develop your brand, generate sales and conversions, increase awareness of your products or services, and also engage your customers. Video marketing benefits The following are the main benefits of video marketing.


1. Increase the conversion rate

Videos were shown to be the best option to increase the conversion rate. According to a recent study, it is shown that 57% of people buy products online after watching the product demo video.

2. It must be accessible

Today, there are different platforms for video marketing such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Television, etc. Most people are using smartphones in this century and want to access everything from their mobile phones. That is why it is important to create a video that is accessible to everyone and through all devices.

3. Improve traffic

Video marketing increases social actions and creates public participation that will help improve traffic on your website.

4. Attractive and entertaining video

Before using video as part of your marketing strategy, it is important that you know what type of content you should produce. Remember one thing that people will like to watch engaging, entertaining, and informative videos. Be sure to generate content around this so you can keep your audience engaged and happy.


Top 5 video marketing trends in 2020

1. Long videos 

There is a big difference between content marketing and content advertising. An ad is a way to capture the public’s attention and deliver a quick message. Long-form videos are a great form of content marketing as they will deliver value to your target audience. Be sure to create informative, engaging, and entertaining. The value you are bringing to your audience will keep them connected to you. These videos will also help you build the trust of your fans. If you are running a business, it is important that you attract the trust of your audience. For that, you can record videos behind the scenes so that your audience feels the reality and can connect with you.

2. Videos that can be bought

The idea of videos that can be bought comes from images that can be bought. As we know, it is easier for a user to purchase a product online simply by viewing the image and the product specifications displayed along with the image. These videos are widely used on Instagram and Snapchat, but their future deployment is expected to increase on other social media platforms as well. The videos that can be purchased include the link on the product page that will help facilitate the buying process for the buyer. Therefore, by using videos that can be purchased, companies can get more leads and conversions.

3. 360 ° videos 

These videos have gained a lot of popularity due to their uniqueness. Recent research finds that people will like to watch 360 ° videos more than traditional videos. The trend of 360 ° videos increased due to the growth of the AR and VR field at a rapid rate. These videos are widely used to promote travel events, but we can also use them to explain the specification of our products and services to our audience. Now more companies are moving towards these videos and using them for their business. A great advantage of these videos is that they provide a great experience to their users. This makes your users more involved with your brand. It is clear that these videos are becoming more popular in 2020.


4. Video ads on Facebook and Instagram

The trend of videos on Facebook and Instagram is growing day by day. Today, these are the most popular social media platforms. Facebook has more than 2.3 billion active users per day and Instagram has one billion active users per day. According to the Social Media Examiner survey, marketers were found to be making plans to further increase the number of ads on Facebook and Instagram compared to other platforms. With this survey, it is clear that these two platforms have the majority of the audience for almost all types of businesses. As its popularity increases, the competition will also increase for sellers.

4. Live videos 

Live videos have gained a lot of popularity. The main platforms for live streaming are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Live video helps your customers connect with your business on a deeper level. If you have a business, you need to plan a live video showing your audience behind the scenes. You can also use them for seminars, webinars, interviews, explanations about your products, etc. Live videos create engagement at the next level that traditional videos can’t.